Top 7 Best packaging designs of the international competition The Dieline Awards 2016

27 May 2016

Product packaging is a very common thing in our life. So ordinary that buying products in stores, we do not see package design. Or we think so. Of course, we buy products not for the sake of design, but it can help us to decide to purchase or not .... Therefore, manufacturers are attracted designers to create the best packaging designs and designers are taking part in a competition for the most interesting design project. I already wrote about the popular design packaging competition International Competition Pentawards 2015. Today I will talk about yet another international competition, called The Dieline Awards.

Sewing art of Dutch textile artist Petra van der Steen

24 May 2016

Singing lessons

Friends, how many of you know, I love to draw seamless patterns, which are used to decorate my products. But also these patterns can be used by anyone for their own projects, for example, for printing on fabric. (Some examples of use, I wrote in my posts here, here and here). So I always follow with interest the works of other textile artists. One of the ways creativity in the field of textiles is the creation of art works using fabric and thread.

I accidentally found a wonderful work of Dutch artist Petra van der Steen. Petra uses a machine embroidery and recycled materials from thrift stores to create her delightful pieces.

Check out the new designs finds for iPhone cases 6/6s from my treasure

20 May 2016

Party hard phone case

Friends, I opened my treasury and pulled out a few more patterns for the mobile phone cases. So now you can see new items in my store. The black and white floral pattern is one of my first and most favorite patterns. I drew it based retro wallpaper my grandmother. I sketched when I was a teenager. Many years later, while working for microstocks, I found the sketch and reworked it.

Sarah Alvarez tiny pop up books, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's inventions

16 May 2016

Miniature pop up book

Friends, look at these cute miniature pop up books as if created a few centuries ago. This wonder is the work of Sarah Alvarez, artist from Spain with different interests. These books inspired 4 inventions of Leonardo da Vinci: flying machine, hydraulic boat, military machine and mechanical man. Book size ⅘ inches in width and less than 1 inch in height. My God!

Find out how the artist creates recycled art using trash

13 May 2016

Marilyn Monroe recycled art

Recycling trash theme is very popular for a long time. British artist Jane Perkins, which has its roots in the textile art work, also uses found objects and trash. She creates her works using a buttons, Lego pieces and other plastic small things. It does not use a paint, all the pieces are as they are. Perkins uses a glue gun to fix the parts together. When she was satisfied with the result, she paints layer of diluted PVA glue on her art.

Spacious bag for book lovers and photographers

06 May 2016

Typewriter tote bag for book lovers

Do you like to read or do you like to photograph? Or maybe you're a budding writer? I created two bag designs especially for these categories of people, but perhaps it will love others too. Why I decided to draw for them? Because I know that many books lovers prefer to have a special bag while visiting the book group, library or bookstore instead of a plastic bag. Amateur photographers prefer to also have a special bag that is created with love and respect for their hobby. Just these things say about who we are.

The witty play with words as building blocks of the artist Ji Lee. Funny typography

04 May 2016


Friends, today I want to show you a great typographic project "Word as image" by artist Ji Lee, who plays with words as building blocks. Ji Lee first started playing with words as images of 20 years ago, when he was in the typography class at art school, and it continues to this day. It slightly changes the letters in the words, and thus illustrates the meaning of the words. It looks simple, but is quite witty.

Do not miss the gorgeous handmade gifts for moms, grandmothers and wives!

02 May 2016

The tiny tulips were "grown" in wooden pots from cotton thread using crochet hook. I fainted :-)

Mother's Day is a great day when we can express our gratitude to our mothers, grandmothers and wives of all that they do for us every day. I see a lot of beautiful things in these days that you can give your loved ones to say thank you. I have found for you handmade things and all are unique. It is better to look, not speak. Some products will be sent from Europe and will not be delivered to the Mother's Day, but believe me, your mother will agree to wait!

Get the May calendar wallpaper with ice cream scoops design

30 April 2016

May wallpaper for Ipad

Friends, today's post is the last blog post in April. And I'm glad to show you the May calendar wallpaper for desktop, Ipad, iPhone and Android. The design that I used for May, is one of my favorite patterns just because it is such a fun and easy project. It reminds me of the sweet taste of ice cream scoops: lemon, vanilla, chocolate ... You can find several products, decorated with this design in my store: pillowcase, tote bag, iPhone case and download this design for your projects as well.

See how the Kitchen print looks in real customer interior!

27 April 2016

Yesterday one of my client left a wonderful review of my Dishes art print, which he bought in my store and sent a beautiful photo of the print to her home interior. I have to say that getting good feedback is always pleasant and others - it is useful. This helps to improve job and to better understand the needs of the people. Believe me, getting feedback is very important for any artist, because we all want to be claimed. When people buy our products, we feel it.

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